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Squaring The Circle (Logo)

A point indicates being and existence. The light and spirit. A line bridges the distance between opposites and connects ideas of what would be then shared and possible. A triangle invites dimension. It is promise that when opposites come together, the most beautiful and magical realizations can arise; a vector and future. The square comes after to allow the material to become. The four corners, the four cardinal directions, magnetism, electricity, and life! The square is the earth and the dream becoming physical. The circle is perfection, divinity, a journey with no beginning and no end, the cosmos, and the promise of the greatest creator. For all of us to know and be reminded that we are all part of that life force and get to experience through our senses what always is, what has been, and will always patiently await…

Artists and designers are creators who have taken further steps to uncover messages of what it means to the circle. We have all been givrn the gift and the opportunity to create, share, and inspire, but not all of us have the same purpose. 

Artists and designers pill ideas from eternity and use their physical moment to flow and make something out of concepts and probability. Their voices when crafted and worked on, push through shared reality and travel in to our minds so we can celebrate and become more. 

Artists and designers: Space Montrose is a place for you to allow your creations to have a home away from home. A place for them to complete their cycle and journey.

To our clients and visitors: Space Montrose is a place of coming together. A destination where resonance finds warmth. A venue for you to find a missing idea, uniqueness to give, or and just stay and talk to us for a while. 

Thank you for your time. Best to you and yours, 


Leila and Carlos Peraza


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