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Our Story

Hi and welcome visitors!

We are the Peraza Family. We are our three children and extended linage. We are our caring staff -those with us today and those who’ve kept walking the streets of life.- We are the artists and designers who exhibit their work on our walls and shelves. We are the neighborhood of Montrose, its city Houston, Texas, and the visiting clients (you!) from different places on earth.

To all of you: We are eternally thankful for believing in us, for trusting our process, and for being witnesses to our developing purpose; to communicate the beauty of creating, sharing, and inspiration. 

Space Montrose opened its doors late 2010 and since that day our slow steady growth has taken over the hearts of many. In Space Montrose we celebrate the passions of hand crafting, small businesses, and entrepreneurial efforts. This passing decade Space Montrose has been part of the first steps as new brands find their voice, and hosts the work of talented artists from all over the United States; makers who find through Space Montrose the best representation for their work and their journey. 

The goal of this website is to join our voices and take them as far as they can go! We want the whole world to see the genius of talented makers in the U.S. We want to share their stories and spread the creative light invoked by their compositions.

Space Montrose believes we are all waiting to be inspired and continue the circle of making, sharing, and care.

Without art, giving, and the inner fire these resonate, there will be no love/tomorrow. 

Join us, visit and stay for a while. Always come back, and take a special something with you.

Help us let the Four Corners know that Space Montrose is at the click of a button!



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