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Elisa Wikey - Tiny Frame - Spicy Ketchup

Elisa Wikey

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Come and take these tiny framed art pieces, just don’t tread on and/or mess with them! These little armadillos and itty bitty blue bonnets will show off your Texas bonafides, or if you’ve got a Lone Star Lad or Topo Chica that needs a gift that’ll have them saying stereotypical nonsense like “Yee Haw! I’ve got a snake in my boot!,” well, you could do worse than these cute little guys.

Plus, it’s a good reminder to get more spicy ketchup

A little Texas something that fits your little Texas lifestyle! This is a 2.5"x3.5" tiny framed thing, the tiniest and framiest of all the things.

Comes with instructions and a Tiny Certificate of

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