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My favorite room in the house is also the one that requires extensive instructions to operate. My biggest pet peeve in the age of technology is using my food-covered fingers to search for really specific information about the kitchen. Usually I don't trust the first result, so pore over several ad-filled pages before I'm confident I know what I need...and then I usually am so delayed I get frustrated and screw something up. 

Famous food writer Jamie Feldmar and I developed this chart, using broad strokes to answer some of the most referential questions you might have in the kitchen. Included is:

Hard/Soft boiled egg timing
Shelf life
Meat cooking temperatures
Oil smoke points

This is a first version, so if you have any ideas for things to add, let me know at 

11"x17" Letterpress printed, fits on most refrigerators and inside your cabinet. 

We use this all the time. 

Pairs well with Fish, Beef and Pork

Information is more fun to read when it's beautiful. I've designed these charts and maps with hours of research, reassembling data into a brain-friendly aesthetic. I edit the information significantly, avoiding the "dazzle" effect which occurs when our eyes are battered with too much information. Letterpress makes it even more gorgeous.

Letterpress is a very complicated and expensive printing method that I am obsessed with. All letterpress prints are slammed with 600 pounds of pressure, creating a deep, tactile texture. The ink gets embedded into the thick soft paper so it won't fade within your lifetime. Read more about letterpress printing here.


Your local frame shop is going to do a better job than anyone else. There's a reason this craft endures and cannot be automated: It's skilled work that is best done face-to-face in physical space.

See more framing ideas here.

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