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Questions for the Artist

Questions for the Artist

We had questions for Catalina from Oils.Earth..


1. What inspired you to make art/healing oils?

Freedom. Connection. Service


2.  Besides your creations, are there other holistic practices you recommend?

That’s tricky. Each person has their own blueprint and path to walk. So it is difficult for me to recommend specific practices to whomever might read this.

I will share one simple practice that can be done anywhere at any time. It is called, inner smile. I learnt it from my Shifu, Daoist teacher.

As the name suggests, practice by smiling internally to yourself (visualizing this); be patient and practice this regularly—with time you’ll notice your external features will start matching your internal landscape.


3. Where is your favorite place to rest/vacation?

laying on a patch of grass surrounded by trees is my favorite place to rest



4. How do you see your brand growing in the next few years?

I would love to see it expand in an organic way. Evolving, refining. A brand that when people see into it, they feel, sense it’s wholeness. A brand truly birthed from the healing well of highest love in sacred relation with nature’s medicine.



5. Any advice to new creators looking for inspiration?

don’t look for inspiration, become it.

Inspiration = in spirit. Embody your spirit and everything will be in purpose. You’ll feel inspired by everything you touch and everything that touches you back.

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