Art Opening

  • January 21st, 2017 Wig Out by. Fuzzy Grapefruit

    They understand us. Look into our eyes laugh at our jokes,
    feel our pain.
    They want to be those days
    we gave them a bone...
    Join us as we celebrate Fuzzy Grapefruit's (Allison Johnston) new art collection.
    For five years Space Montrose has been host the contemplative evolution of her work. Allison explores our human condition through reflections on animal lives and their graceful poise.
    Fuzzy Grapefruit opens 2017 inviting us to the mind of our closest friend.
    ***Oh yes, did someone say wig out competition?***

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  • Spring 2016 in Space Montrose

    March 26th is our first Art Opening with Houston's very own Shelbi Nicole.
    Shelbi's known for her confident tone and colorful approach to a deconstruction of pop-modern art. For the Space Montose gallery art opening she will intoduce her new collection of famous artists portraits a la Shelbi.
    Join us for a unique visual experience, good music and surpise treats.
    April 29th 5-9pm
    The time has come for Space Montrose to unite two masterful corners of emotion into one solid pillar of truth!
    Join us to give ourselves into the world of Braham Franclasky (Graham Franciose meets Brian Maclaskey / Brian Maclaskey feats Graham Franciose.)
    A place for meditation and a place of neon. A time of recollection and dare; of nature and what can be of her
    in the mind of wise travelers, their surreal brush strokes of consciousness, and kaleidoscopic wit.
    Stay tuned for more details about May 14th TEXASPRING an Art Opening for Tracy Carlson!




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